CDF Development, LLC provides equity and loans primarily to large-scale retail and mixed-use projects in low-income urban communities throughout the United States.
Its goal is to increase the number of developments of high-profile retail-centric projects in underserved communities, creating new jobs and economic revitalization in these areas.

CDF Development has been awarded multiple allocations of federal tax credits as part of the Department of Treasury's prestigious New Market Tax Credit Program (NMTC). The NMTC attracts private-sector capital investment into urban and rural low-income areas to help finance community development projects, stimulate economic opportunity and create jobs in the areas that need it most.

CDF Development was originally founded by principals of The Cordish Company, the largest and most successful developer of urban retail/entertainment districts in the United States. It is governed by an independent Board of Governors.

601 East Pratt St., 6th Floor, Baltimore, MD 21202  Phone: 410.752.5444 Toll Free: 800.733.5444
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CDF Development, LLC and its subsidiaries are an equal opportunity provider.