Project Financing Criteria

CDF Development's strategy is to target investments in retail redevelopments done in partnership between private developers and public entities (typically municipalities or counties). Specifically, these projects:

  • Must not be able to be completed but for the addition of a New Market Tax Credit (NMTC); i.e., must demonstrate a clear need for enhanced returns for investors provided by a NMTC
  • Must serve as "anchors" for economic redevelopment in low-income communities Must provide multiple levels of economic stimulus to the low-income communities in which they locate, including direct and indirect job creation, and "spin-off" economic stimulus
  • A portion of any CDF Development loan/investment to such a project must be used to offer necessary terms to attract high-class, national-level retailers to low-income communities in which they would normally not locate. A portion of the loan must further be employed to provide subsidized deal terms and/or loans to local tenants to locate in such projects.

    CDF Development-financed projects should provide economic stimulus on multiple levels:

    1. Local job creation by national-level retailers entering the market;
    2. Local low-income business stimulus and job creation from local retailers entering such projects;
    3. Additional direct job creation from related business service providers to such projects (maintenance, security, etc.);
    4. "Spin-off" job creation through additional business creation and economic development growing from CDF Development-financed "anchor" projects serving as revitalization catalysts for their communities.
    5. To submit preliminary information on a potential project for CDF Development financing, please click here and complete the on-line form.

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